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Jason Forrest: "10 Amazing Years"

Who's got an exacting ear for disco-worthy grooves and
a taste for the grandeur of classic rock? Who, you
might ask, has the temerity to use such whorishly
handled sample-material as The Who's "Who Are You",
and the precision to make it new again? To whom can we
give thanks for rescuing this Pete Townshend gem from
the nether regions of TV Land? With all due respect to
Jerry Bruckheimer and the 25 million viewers who
religiously tune in to CSI every week, the correct
answer is the dancing cut-and-paste juggernaut that is
Jason Forrest. "10 Amazing Years" effectively (and
shockingly) erases all previous incarnations of "Who
Are You" by getting you to do two things, sometimes
simultaneously: 1) Stomp your feet even as you sit at
your desk, and 2) polish off your dusty ol' air guitar

Forrest deftly employs Townshend's famous power
chords, as well as a series of other guitars (both
strummed and atmospheric), extended keyboard/piano
passages, spliced-up vocals, and a leftfield sample of
The Beatles' "Because"-- and then peppers it all on
top of his shifting start/stop beats and intense drum
breaks. Despite the sonic overload, the track never
quite goes haphazard; Forrest sews it all together
with imagination. Of course, the better a listener
knows the source material, the more they're likely to
appreciate this irreverent assemblage-- and if you've
committed the original to heart, Forrest is likely to
have your expectations and your dancing shoes pulled
so joyously in divergent directions that you'll shake
your head and wonder: "Who was that masked DJ?" Oh
yeah, it was Donna Summer. [Zach Vowell; August 17th,

-Brian in Atlanta
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