Tom Fency tomfency at
Wed Aug 18 05:55:28 CDT 2004

The truth is only one. After the death of Moon The Who should have quit. 
Even Pete recognized it. The sound of the band was so unique, so free with 
Pete doing rhythm, Entwistle doing solo and Moon going crazy, with that 
dialog between guitar, bass and drums so chaotic and powerful, it was simply 
magic. Was there a guitarist better than Pete? Oh, yeah, lots of them, but 
nobody would function in Who's sound like Pete did. Was there a drummer more 
precise than Moon? Lots of them, but only Moon could invent and make his 
beautiful mistakes. Was there a bass player that could replace Entwistle? 
Unfortunately no, there wasn't and there isn't, only him could fill so 
intelligently the spaces and holes Pete and Moon frequently let in the 
Yeah, Mark, The Who should have quit after Moon died, like Led has quit 
after Bonham passed way... It would be unfaultable, a beautiful page in 
rock's history. The better rock and roll band that ever exists, born in 
1964, broke in 1978, having launched five masterpieces (Sell Out, Tommy, 
Live at Leeds, Who's Next and Quadrophenia) and played the most powerful 
lives acts ever seen by public. But they didn't quit, and we have to live 
with that... I'm accommodated, it's my favorite band anyway, it's sad I know 
but it's only the fuck reality...


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