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> You're in a vast minority.


I'm used to that. It's "automatically" never made me
wrong yet.

> But, without question, John and Paul were the key to
The Beatles.

I question that. I think The Beatles were the opposite
of Elvis...many faces rather than one. That was one of
their "selling points" one could say. And the fans, at
least the female fans, were into "Paul's the cutest"
"Ringo's the cutest" etc. It's true that John and Paul
wrote the songs for the most part. In that, Entwistle
would be more like George. But as far as their music
went, George Martin was the most important
element...whereas with The Who, as we all know, it was
Keith and John.

> Just like it's been Pete and Roger, and behind them
was John and Keith.

That's ONE way of looking at it. But unlike The
Beatles, the MUSIC was more important with The
Who...the greatest live band ever. And standing tall
there we see JAE. Hell, most people thought he was
playing lead guitar.

> The original drummer of The Beatles was replaced by
Still....The Beatles.

The same could be said of The Who.

> Had Ringo died and was replaced by a Zak or another
drummer with close
"family" ties to The Beatles, it still would/could
have been The Beatles.

Ringo being about 1% the drummer Keith was, I'd say

> If then after years as The Beatles, George dies, and
is replaced by a
session guitarist with close ties to John Lennon, it
could still be The Beatles.

Nope. Now it's HALF the Beatles. "Half, Eddie, HALF."

> How about what "more people would say" on this list?
We don't look that deep???

It depends on the individual.

> Clearly Roger is the face and voice of The Who.


> He's the front man.
He's the guts of The Who.

"Guts?" I'd say John and Keith were the blood and guts
of The Who.

> Without Roger, there is no and would never have been
The Who.

There might have been.

> You can't imitate his voice.  Just wouldn't be the

And no one can imitate John, nor should they.

> But, ... and I'm not saying Pino plays like John,
But...bass can be imitated...

But not suitably. Tony Butler would have done it, and
it could have still been The Who. I'd have to hear it
to be sure, but it seems to me like it would have

> When I can hear Pino, he seems to be playing some
mean chops.
He just needs to be turned up!

He plays too jazzy, and it doesn't work well with The
Who. He'd be OK with John McLaughlin.

> You don't know that.

Sure I do. I can't place another bass player in there
and get the same outcome.

> But, that didn't automatically make him the most
important link in The Who.

No, but you're ignoring what I said before...that
without Keith, John and Pete gave more. Now John's
gone too...and there's just not enough in Pete to pull
it off alone.

> Why, is it hard to pay attention to what John is
doing? See?

People focus on different things. That doesn't mean
it's hard to, they just don't. You said Rog is the
face of The Who. So that means most people look at him
most, right? Pete second. John, hardly at all. After
all, he just stands there looking bored. OK, so when
you're watching Pete or Rog, then you tend to focus on
what they are doing. Senses engaged.

> Now that *that's* settled...

You wish.

> I personally am not going to get hung up on a name.

If it was just "any" name...but it's not. Some things
mean more than just the sound the letters make. Some
things STAND for something.
Unless they're diluted to the point where they don't
any longer.

> Why should the current band give up "The Who"?

Because they aren't The Who.

> Why can't they play that catalog of music??

No one has suggested that. No? Hands? No one.

> John gave his life as a result of it.  

No, he gave his life for a rush and a hooker.

> The story doesn't end when you turn a page to a new

Stories end. Only real life drags past the ending.
This isn't a story, it's real life.

> I would like to add that I think they would be less
The Who and more of a tribute band had they gotten
someone who just mimicked John's bass lines, although
I still believe that they should have gotten a more
aggressive bass player.

I agree completely. Too bad they didn't and chose
instead to dilute their sound.

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