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Sun Aug 15 20:08:59 CDT 2004

Here's a belated review from Glowgirls.  It's nice to find one in English.  


>I braved the extreme heat, not to mention the huge crowds of people
in town for the Tenjin Matsuri (one of Japan's biggest Shinto
festivals), in order to see the Who at the Osaka Dome. It was
actually an all-day festival, but I didn't really care about most of
the other acts. I showed up for Paul Weller, who was on right before
our lads, and hung around for most of Aerosmith's set, but really I
was there to see THE WHO!

As was every other white person there, it seemed. I only noticed
maybe half a dozen other gaijin, but they all seemed to be wearing
Who shirts. There were a couple of very enthusiastic Japanese Who
fans seated near me too. Japanese concertgoers are almost creepily
well-behaved, and the heat had everyone rather subdued (one of
Roger's only remarks was to say that he was melting), but these two
guys were really excited! They kept yelling "PETE!" and "ROGER!"
After the Quad songs they were shouting "JIMMY!" too. That seemed a
little weird to me actually, but it may be that "Quadrophenia" is
nicknamed "Jimmy" (like "Tommy") in Japan. A lot of movie titles get
changed for Japanese release, including the film version
of "Quadrophenia", so I wouldn't be surprised if the album was also
known by another name.

Between the heat, the restrained audience, and the horrible blister's
I'd developed on my feet while wandering around lost in Osaka, it was
kind of difficult for me to stay in the moment at the show. My
thoughts kept drifting, which has never happened to me before at a
Who concert or any other rock show. The exception was when they
played "Real Good-Looking Boy" was really exciting to hear a new
song live for the first time! But I think it wasn't until I was
reflecting over the concert while getting ready for bed that night
that I truly appreciated how much Pete and Rog still ROCK! They were
both great, and even though Rog blew a few lyrics he made up for it
with both his singing and his mic twirling! Not to be outdone, Pete
popped his share of windmills too. Yeah!

I hope you all get to catch The Who too as they continue their world

Farthest East Glow Girl

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