Hall of Fame contest in the UK

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Sun Aug 15 20:00:32 CDT 2004

This says it will be decided by "viewer vote."  I dunno if there's some way 
non-viewers can vote, or not, but if you guys in the UK could keep us 
posted...It would be nice for The Who to be included, wouldn't it?    :)


or http://shorterlink.com/?Y5BTI1


Aug 13 2004

TV vote to honour greatest music stars of the past 50 years

Nicola Methven, Tv Editor

A NEW TV series which honours the best bands and pop stars over the past 50 
years is to be launched next month.

The likes of the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, The Who, Madonna, David 
Bowie and Elvis Presley will battle it out for a place in the UK Music Hall 
of Fame.

Former Live and Kicking presenter Jamie Theakston has clinched a £350,000 
deal to host the Channel 4 show which bosses hope will rival both the Brit 
Awards and the Mercury Music Prize.


Over six weeks acts from the 50s to the 90s will be put through a rigorous 
nomination process. By the end of the series five will be allowed into the 
Hall of Fame. Each instalment will focus on a specific decade with finalists 
decided by a viewer vote.

The show, from the makers of Big Brother, is designed to attract "real music 
lovers" rather than Pop Idol fans.

An insider said: "This will establish once and for all the names of the most 
cherished acts in music history.

"These people have shaped 20th-century music and truly deserve to be 
honoured in a TV Hall of Fame. But it is sure to cause a huge debate among 
the true music lovers."

The competition, which mirrors a version in the US, will cover all types of 
music. The grand final will be held at the Hackney Empire in London later 
this year.

Entrants can come from anywhere in the world as long as they have had chart 
success in the UK. Modern acts such as the Spice Girls, Kylie Minogue, J-Lo, 
Oasis and Pulp will also be included. The acts must have released their 
first single at least five years ago.

Theakston is said to be "delighted" at landing the role. The 33-year-old 
will front five two-hour specials before presenting the final. The series 
will become an annual event with five acts joining the Hall of Fame each 

In America the Hall of Fame is regarded as the highest honour any artist can 

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