Letters to the Editor

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 15 11:32:40 CDT 2004

Ha.  I love this one.  :)

>Editor -- You are getting funnier and funnier. Mick LaSalle, Aidin Vaziri 
>and now Steve Sande. What are your writers taking? Do you do all your 
>articles together in one big room filled with hash smoke?

Every line of Sande's old rockers article was funny. He is wondering why 
they don't quit and why they charge so much. They don't quit because they 
can't, and they charge so much because they can. Not everybody at age 65 or 
70 can jump around onstage and not get tangled up in all those amp wires. 
Watching that feat alone is worth $194.

The real trick of it all goes back to the '60s when everyone interested in 
rock dropped LSD. Unbeknownst to science then and now, LSD has the power to 
stop mental growth. If you were 19 when you took it, you remain 19. These 
old rockers don't know they're old. It's not money; it's mental. The body 
withers, but the outlook on life remains the same.

Someday we may see them all in a lovely gated community doing a documentary 
on the good old days, but don't wait for it. That horrendous drug will not 
let us "rest in peace."

Great article! Now go home and do something nice for your old folks.

Cindy Thorwaldson, Clearlake

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