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L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 14 22:17:15 CDT 2004

>First of all, did your women ever see The Who live in the early 70's?

Dunno.  I didn't take a poll.  It's just an observation a guy made on 
another list that the women in his family think The Who are "better than 
ever."  I personally rather agree with this, and like the later Who better 
than the early Who.  I do agree that the seventies were a peak period that 
combined relative youth with high musical accomplishment.

>As I've said before, as much as I like Rabbit, he definitely softens
the sound of The Who's music which would be more appealing to women.
Lauren made an interesting evaluation on the ride back to SF.  She said
that the HB show was more of a Pete show than a Who show and I agree
with this opinion.

The "texture" that Pete wanted to add to the music after Moon died has made 
it more appealing to me.  I think the old stuff sounds very thin, sharp and 
tinny.  They made up for this live with their "wall of sound," which made 
the live performance unique, of course, but had the disadvantage that it 
doesn't come across well in recordings.  I think the current incarnation of 
The Who somehow retains a bit of this wall-of-sound quality, though it's 
greatly reduced by first, Pete's necessity to protect his ears, and then by 
the loss of John.  Without John, of course, it does become more of a Pete 
show.  He's the only original musician still playing.


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