The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #234

Denise Purcell oshngrl at
Sat Aug 14 11:54:57 CDT 2004 that is not okay.  Roger and Pete, if there were no Pete or 
Roger and it was say..John and Roger left, then I would agree they 
should not be called The Who.  Just as there could be no Beatles 
without John Lennon.  Just my opinion, of course.
On Aug 14, 2004, at 9:46 AM, The Who Mailing List Digest wrote:

> that this isn't The Who. It's not The Who. I'm
> complaining that they're CALLING it The Who. I'll say
> again: if it was Ringo and Paul, would it be The
> Beatles? No? OK then.

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