The Who Mailing List Digest, V11 #234

Denise Purcell oshngrl at
Sat Aug 14 11:50:18 CDT 2004

Yes, and IMO it made the song anti-climatic.  The jam should have been 
somewhere inside the song and not at the end.  The audience needed to 
get energized and by putting the jam at the end it made the audience 
even more laid back.
On Aug 14, 2004, at 9:46 AM, The Who Mailing List Digest wrote:

>>> "Won't Get Fooled Again" now has a post-script, segueing into a 
>>> boogie jam
>>> where Townshend urges us pointedly, " Don't Get Fooled Again."
>> Eh?  I hadn't heard about this one.  Is this right?

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