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Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Sat Aug 14 09:41:23 CDT 2004

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> BTW, watch this DVD then compare it to what's
> currently on tour, and then tell me it's still The
> Who.

It's still The Who.

> Tell me they're "better now."

I can't do that.

> Ha, that they even come close. No way.

They weren't close in 1978.  The Shepperton performances on TKAA, while
great, are vastly different from IOW.  Things change.  "Things have
changed."  Things have been changing for them since they moved on from the
Marquee Club.  That's how life works.

>What's out there now is a tribute band to the group on the DVD. Face it.

No, it's just what's left of the greatest rock and roll band there will ever
be, making the music that their fans love for as long as they can.  Whatever
they call themselves doesn't change that one bit.  There's not much time
left to hear these two guys play this music together.  There's no shame that
they're not as good as they once were.  They're still very much worth

> I think I'm staring down the barrel of a hurricane
> this morning and in a few hours, things are going to
> get rough around here. It's coming ashore RIGHT HERE.
> Pretty amazing. Guess I'll be gone for a few days.

Were you there for Hugo?  I visited MB a few months after that and the
damage was still very evident.  Good luck this weekend.

Jim M

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