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L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 14 09:21:16 CDT 2004

>Tell me they're "better now." Ha, that they even
come close. No way. What's out there now is a tribute
band to the group on the DVD. Face it.

This is the point of the discussion.  Women think they ARE better now.  
They're more musically accompllished, and they're more accessible.

>I think I'm staring down the barrel of a hurricane
this morning and in a few hours, things are going to
get rough around here. It's coming ashore RIGHT HERE.
Pretty amazing. Guess I'll be gone for a few days.

Definitely take care, but at least it's weakened some.  There were some 
folks in South Florida we haven't heard from this morning.   I hope 
everything turns out safe for everybody.


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