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> 4,  Sadly, I didn't feel much of a connection to the band from where I was.
> 5.  I thought maybe when I saw pictures of the show, it might spark some of 
> the passion I might have forgotten.  No, not really.
> Things have changed for me with the Who. Yeah, being closer would have been 
> way cooler.  But, the fact of the matter is, I think my priorities have 
> changed.  I left the show feeling empty and disappointed.

What section were you in?  In truth, at HB it's not really worth sitting 
anywhere past the first few rows of the terrace.  I was in box 1254 (3rd row 
terrace).  This is as far away as I will ever sit for a Who show from now on.  I 
felt the connection, though, and as I said before, it was the greatest Who show 
I have witnessed live.  I was in the 12th row two nights before and had a 
great view of everything, but I didn't connect with the band like I did on Monday. 
 Next year, I'm picking 2 shows only and getting in the first 5 rows- 
whatever it takes.  I'll be camping out, if necessary, and would be happy to get 
tickets for anyone who wants them- all I might ask is a little help with gas $.  
It's something to consider.


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