WGFA boogie jam

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Fri Aug 13 22:44:38 CDT 2004

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> >"Won't Get Fooled Again" now has a post-script, segueing into a boogie jam 
> >where Townshend urges us pointedly, " Don't Get Fooled Again."
> Eh?  I hadn't heard about this one.  Is this right?
> keets

Keets, Keets, Keets... Didn't you check out my HB review?  They did a WGFA 
blues jam that I have never heard them do before.  And it wasn't done the night 
before at Shoreline or anywhere else on this tour.  It was pretty damn cool to 
be in attendance when they play something that they have never ever played 
before.  Both Roger and Pete threw in little vocal variations on the line "don't 
get fooled again."  I was quite a moment.  Jo?  Sandy?  Drew?  Ya'll agree?


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