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> Couldn't agree with you more...and count me among those who rolled eyes 
> when
> I first saw the setlist for this tour.   On this tour, more than most, you
> had to be there.   I hope the Encore set of the Bowl show is as ferocious as
> my memory of it...
> Drew

I'm planning to order it, as well.  For those who were there, didn't Roger's 
voice sound great?  HB was the tenth time I've seen them in the past 3 years 
and this was absolutely the best he has sounded.  This would have been a night 
for Bargain, but I'm sure Roger edited it out this tour because of my 
continued harping on that damn high note. ;)  To me he was on fire, and the fact that 
his voice was flat out on got him more into the visual show, as well.  More 
mic swinging, more demonstrative movements.  He was grossly overshadowed by Pete 
two nights earlier, but not at HB.  It might have been a draw.  Even my 
sister, who had never seen them before, said she thought Roger hit the notes with 
great strength.  Of course, it IS time to retire BBE from the live set for 
good.  It's enough, already.  Roger has to work his ass off to sing the rest of 
the set to Who standards, and it's too damn hard for him to dial his voice back 
for BBE to sound good.

As for the setlist, I was a bit disappointed not to get Long Live Rock and 
Naked Eye.  LLR is actually better known to the general public than say, Anyway, 
Anyhow, Anywhere (due to TKAA movie inclusion and "School of Rock"), and 
Naked Eye would have been a nice replacement for BBE.  Hell, I Can't Explain could 
go, also.  What about The Seeker as an opener?  It rocks, should be still in 
Roger's range, and isn't too complicated to be an opener.  It was also in 
American Beauty and recently covered by Rush (and played several times during 
pre-show at HB).  This being said, the two new tracks worked very well live, and 
Punk and The Godfather was g-damn incredible.  I also think that we'll get a 
far more varied setlist next year with the album tour.  Of course, the old 
standards will be there: BOR, MG, TKAA, WAY, YBYB, PW, and WGFA.  But we may get 
some different Quad or Tommy tunes and maybe some By Numbers stuff in addition 
to the new tracks.

To be honest, I think this was more of a "reminder" tour, just to make sure 
people are aware that they are still working and remember The Who are still 
around before the new album comes out.  I also think it was to get Roger's voice 
in shape for the studio this fall.  I remember him saying a couple of years 
back that he needs work on the road to get his voice where it needs to be to 
record in the studio.  Don't be surprised if ORW and RGLB get re-recorded. 

All in all, I think we should be excited about what is coming.  It's the big 
finale of the greatest rock band of all time.  It's the "end jam,"...the 
"final chapter,"...the "exclamation point."  Long live rock!!


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