A different Who?

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 13 20:36:39 CDT 2004

Here's an interesting comment from TheShout.

>Yes...yesterday we (once more) all got into a conversation about our boys, 
>and all of my three women said, they think, that The Who today are better 
>than ever!

>And although I don't agree to this opinion, of course, I found it quite 

Definitely The Who's audience has shifted to include more women--since when? 
  1979?  1989?  Did something happen to broaden the audience when Moon died 
and Pete tried to change the style?  Or is this something later?

Mark's complaining this isn't The Who that's playing, and maybe this is the 
shift he feels: the music isn't so specific to men any more.  What do you 
think, Mark?  Is that it?


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