My Who Story

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Fri Aug 13 08:12:43 CDT 2004

This is my story that got me a t-shirt at the "Play my Song"  

The tap, tap, tap of my brother, waking me up, careful that my parents wouldn’
t hear, I could smell the sweet smell of the pot he must have just finished 
off, before coming in the house.
“Hey, wanna watch something cool with me?”
“ok, yeah, sure”.  Anything to hang with my older and “cool” brother.
He went on to tell me that the band he had been telling me about, The Who, 
was going to be on the Friday night show “Midnight Special”.  I HAD to see 
this, he told me.  "You won’t believe it and you won’t ever have seen anything 
like it before".  He was right.
I remember like it was yesterday, how he told me about the members of TheWho.
“The drummer, he holds his drumsticks like this” showing me “and makes all 
these faces while he plays”, again demonstrating them to me.  “He plays better 
then any other drummer, ever”.  Period.
“The bass player, he just stands there, but his fingers move so fast, you can’
t even see them.  He is the best there is, ever”. Period.
He also told me about the singer cussing,  “he full on just says “Who the 
FUCK are you?!”  Oh well, they must be cool, if they talk like that right?
I don’t remember what he said about Pete that night, but I remember watching 
that video clip.  I remember the fantastic energy and the rebelliousness, that 
was so damn attractive to me.  They drew me in and have never let me go 
since.  Although I had been listening to my brothers Who 8-tracks, this was the 
first time I had seen what and who they were with my own eyes.  From that night 
until this one, I have been hooked.  
The song the Who did on that show was “Who Are You”.  
I couldn’t sleep after that, just kept kicking the covers off.  I laid there 
and smiled, playing over and over what I had just experienced watching  John, 
Pete, Roger and Keith, dreaming of one day seeing them in person, in concert. 
Keith died shortly after that, so that dream was never to be totally 
realized.  But being here tonight, anticipating seeing and feeling that rebellious 
energy, in a way, I feel like that little girl again.  
The reason why The Who Show should play it tonight is because………When I saw 
The Who for the first time and they played that song, it changed me forever and 
made me a life long fan of THE WHO.
Long Live Rock!!!
Johanna Johnson
I will be at the Whola 2.75

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