Who Knew?

SicilianMother at aol.com SicilianMother at aol.com
Fri Aug 13 08:04:58 CDT 2004

A few things were awesome for me over last weekend. I'll save them for last.  
But, there were way to many things wrong.

1.  After a mega-stressful week at work, and all the prep to leave on Sunday, 
I was completely exhausted.  Enter a freakin' migraine which I still haven't 
fully gotten rid of.

2.  I thought, especially after paying $5.00 dollars to see My Fair Lady and 
enjoying it so much, my $200.00 ticket would be so much better.  I even went 
to the feature where you can plug in your seat # and see you view of the stage. 
 It looked pretty good.  When I found my seat, I was insulted that I had to 
watch the screens to see anything. Make note of that for future ticket 
purchases at the Hollywood Bowl.

3.  Another issue:  After watching most of Matt's vids, I pretty much had 
seen the same show, over and over. I guess the videos are a good news bad news 
thing.  In 2002, I got to get a good taste of that emotional tour by the videos 
which were like gold to me, not having the means to see a show.

4,  Sadly, I didn't feel much of a connection to the band from where I was.

5.  I thought maybe when I saw pictures of the show, it might spark some of 
the passion I might have forgotten.  No, not really.

Things have changed for me with the Who. Yeah, being closer would have been 
way cooler.  But, the fact of the matter is, I think my priorities have 
changed.  I left the show feeling empty and disappointed.

Now to the good news:

1.  I was in heaven being with all the wonderful Who fans at Whola.  Now THAT 
was meaningful to me.  Did you all know Sandy is a tall gorgeous blonde?  
Heather Daltrey ain't got nothing on her.  Unfortunately, due to the migraine I 
had to leave early.  If could do that day over pain free, I'd want to meet each 
and every person who was there.  

The Who Show hired a video guy and I am looking forward to seeing that.  I 
definitely felt the connection with them.

Who knew?


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