Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Aug 12 17:18:23 CDT 2004

> Hmmm.  Guess he didn't identify ORW.

Well, that's excusable.  Or is it?

> Hasn't noticed that Pete makes these up as he goes along.

No, that sort of minutia is reserved only for us Who-geeks.

> >"Won't Get Fooled Again" now has a post-script, segueing into a boogie 
> > jam where Townshend urges us pointedly, " Don't Get Fooled Again."
> Eh?  I hadn't heard about this one.  Is this right?

You would have heard about if you had read Mc's review of the show. (!)
It was in Comment # 4.  Mc stated:

"4. They did something tonight that I've never seen.  They added a WGFA blues 
ending after the extended jam.  I have never heard anything like this on any 
bootleg or other live Who cd.  It was damn cool.  Roger was also holding those 
'eeeeee's' beautifully." 

- SCHRADE in Akron


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