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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Thu Aug 12 08:33:34 CDT 2004

> I'll agree with that.  This is the change in style
> that Pete wanted to make 
> with FACE DANCES, but it didn't work out


The Who just aren't a "Pop" band. A Quick One is their
other Pop album, and it's one of their weakest. They
DID have some Pop successes in the 60's, but that was
before Rock music had "grown up" (due in no small part
to Tommy, WN & Quad).

> "Eminence Front" would have worked
> on any of Pete's solo albums.

Entwistle's playing on EF doesn't impress me. Rog
isn't on it, and Jones...well, even Jones is pretty
weak on it. So in my mind it already IS a Pete solo

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