Young Heart Attack grabs one from The Who

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Thu Aug 12 05:35:41 CDT 2004

I read this article below, so I went to ITunes and
downloaded the song. "Almost" is not necessary in the
sentence below...

>From Las Vegas Mercury at:

Young Heart Attack 
Mouthful of Love
4 stars (out of 5)
All you have to know about Young Heart Attack is that
it re-creates the intro to the Who's "Won't Get Fooled
Again" almost verbatim on "Starlite"--the second track
on its major label debut, Mouthful of Love. While this
may give rock purists a bad case of authenticitis, the
result is the most ultra-super-bitchingest garage-rock
blusterfuck you'll hear all summer. After all, if
you're going to pinch a riff from a band, the Who is
as good a band as any, and Young Heart Attack uses it
to carve out a stick of bubblegum hard rock that keeps
its flavor long after the first chew. Most of the
credit for this goes to singer Jennifer Stephens,
whose elastic wail bounces off singer/guitarist Chris
Hodge like a superball in an empty gymnasium. Just
imagine the Pretenders' Chrissie Hynde fronting for
the MC5. (Young Heart Attack even covers the Motor
City quintet's "Over and Over" on Mouthful of Love.)
It's music equally suited for shotgunning beers over
your kitchen sink or knocking boots on a skeezy
mattress in the back of a friend's El Camino. Isn't
that all we can ask of rock?--Newt Briggs

-Brian in Atlanta
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