L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Aug 11 20:30:29 CDT 2004

>The latest Who release "Then and Now" (Geffen) is not just another retread 
>of the same old hits
thanks to the inclusion of two newly recorded Who tracks -- and the band 
trotted out one of them, "Real Good Looking Boy."

Hmmm.  Guess he didn't identify ORW.

>Even more interesting were the variations on the well-worn "The Kids Are 
>Alright," which now has new, reflective added lyrics from the other side of 
>the generation gap over an attractive vamp.

Hasn't noticed that Pete makes these up as he goes along.

>"Won't Get Fooled Again" now has a post-script, segueing into a boogie jam 
>where Townshend urges us pointedly, " Don't Get Fooled Again."

Eh?  I hadn't heard about this one.  Is this right?


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