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Reunited and it feels so good 
Dave Hilson Daily Yomiuri Staff Writer

It's been a summer of reunions of sorts: bands
returning after acrimonious splits or trying to have
one last hurrah before they are put out to pasture.
Each of the three big festivals had something to offer
in this category--with the Pixies and the Who being
the most noteworthy. So the question is, how did these
acts fare?...
...-- Somewhat less inspired, but perhaps just as
important to Japanese fans was the arrival of British
dinosaurs the Who to these shores for the first time
in the group's 40-year history. Unfortunately, they
could just as easily be called Who's Left, as only
singer Roger Daltry and guitarist Pete Townsend are
still alive. Townsend can still play a mean guitar,
but Daltry's voice was shakin' all over. He didn't
move around the stage much either, but did manage a
few of his trademark microphone swings. Anyway, fans
at Rock Odyssey seemed to enjoy themselves and were
treated to Townsend smashing his guitar at the end of
the set. Just didn't seem to have the same impact as
it used to, though. It'll probably be best for all
concerned if the Who just fade away.

-Brian in Atlanta
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