The Who Show

SicilianMother at SicilianMother at
Wed Aug 11 16:32:48 CDT 2004

Sandy writes:

>I agree with Jo, The Who Show was awesome. They really have >the sound, looks 
>and moves. I would love to see them play again.

I passed this comment on to Mike Bisch, the bass player and he wanted me to tell everyone who enjoyed the band, like Sandy, "thanks" on his behalf since he isn't on this list.  All the money that he makes from these gigs, from shirts or whatever, he donates to the John Entwistle Foundation (he didn't tell me to say that, I added that part on my own.  But, it's true!).

If anyone is interested, they will be playing out in my neck of the woods at the Pala Casino and Resort in October.  The dates keep changing so check out their website ""

Jo :)

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