The Who Show

Jdtr006 at Jdtr006 at
Wed Aug 11 10:41:44 CDT 2004

I agree with Jo, The Who Show was awesome. They really have the sound, looks 
and moves. I would love to see them play again.

When I get home I will post more but the show really rocked. Pete was so 
energetic, all over the place, birdman, windmills, he was in the mood for the 

Got to meet Jo, who is the nicest, warmest person. She was great. Met up with 
Cindy and her husband, who couldn't have been any nicer. Ozzie is a crazy 
nut, love him, he was so fun.

I have video and PICS from first row I will post when I get home.

Oh, and Rod Stewart was in the audience, taking tips from the pros...haha

Much more when I get home guys!  Sandy

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