The Who Show

SicilianMother at SicilianMother at
Wed Aug 11 08:16:43 CDT 2004

I am still recovering and now don't have the time to really do just to 
writing down my thoughts and impressions of both Whola-La and"The Who Show" and the 
Who concert at the Bowl.

I met some awesome people, especially Sandy and her husband Jack, Mike Bisch 
(bass player) and France DiCarlo (drummer) of the Who Show, Ozzie and Trish 
are absolutely incredibly.  I think one of the my favorite parts was watching 
their kids just be part of the whole thing.  They are awesome.  There was a gal 
sitting on my left on the bed, I think Laura.......sweet lady.  I think I saw 
Mc.......(I thought it was you), about 10 feet away, but the band was playing 
and I wasn't moving from my spot!

The Who Show did a great job.  So much energy!!!  I have never seen another 
Who tribute band to compare, but these guys worked very hard.  Rory does a 
great Daltrey, he definitely has the moves and swings the microphone like a 
maniac.  I couldn't take my eyes off of France, he was so good too!  Mike is perfect 
as John, barely moves, 'cept for his fingers.  Darren (Townshend) was great 
on the guitar and when he slid across the floor on this knees, it took me 
totally off guard.  They did a great job.

The Bowl show.........I can add a few things I think that haven't already 
been said.  My seat sucked. They didn't do a group bow. My seat sucked. It was 
just Pete and Roger.  Roger didn't do any major screw ups. My seat sucked.

Oh, and my seat sucked.  Woops, I am out of time.  But, other then that, I 
had a great time.  Gots some pics both on my digital and disposal camera.


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