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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the sound was turned up pretty well for my viewing, although the projection did seem a bit smaller than usual. I was disappointed by the crowd though. I think more should have been done in my area to promote the show. I started to clap in some areas but no one joined in, so I gave it up.


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> ...I was expecting more of a movie type admission.

Did you have to complain to get the sound turned up?  Was the picture
smaller than a regular movie where you saw it?  I think a bigger picture
would have made a huge difference in impact, but I don't think the
resolution would have held up.  The DVD, even HD, isn't meant to be shown at
that size.

> On the positive side, the film is really a showcase for Keith. Also, the
freshness and energy of the > "new" songs, "Water" and "I Don't Know Myself"
are absolutely unbelievable!

But all that came across on the original DVD, right?  Do you think it's
worth upgrading to the new DVD?  I don't think I would, if I already had the
old one.

Jim M

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