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Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Tue Aug 10 10:32:44 CDT 2004

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> Wait to you see the 40m interview [Lerner] does with Pete.

The interview with Pete was great.  There was also an introduction from
Lerner that I suspect was only shown in the theaters (he talked about the
DVD being released "tomorrow").  That was the boring bit.

> Pete agreed to make Naked Eye exclusive to the IOW movie so they would
> some Who footage to boast about and make you buy their video.

Naked Eye is all of a minute and a half in the middle of My Generation.
Can't that arrangement be revisited?  How many more copies of the festival
video are they going to sell?  What other songs are exclusive to it, if any?

> Yes, they played in the small hours of the last or next to last day.
> Cameramen had to sleep at some point, some ran out of film, & some footage
> was lost during re-loading film.  They stretched out as much as they

I guess I'd have to see how much footage is missing, but I'd even prefer
crowd shots or stills or some kind of montage than a total lack of Amazing
Journey and Sparks.

> I'd rather it not be out of sequence either but I understand why and can
accept it.

If there's damaged or missing footage, I can accept that.  If it's because
Lerner still wants to sell the Message to Love DVD, or they just didn't want
to make the effort, I don't.

> I'd rather have a butchered up show of them in their prime on video as
opposed to nothing...

Of course, but why must we always choose.  Couldn't, just once, a Who
product come out that was done right, 100%.  OK, twice, The Kids Are Alright
DVD is a great product.

Jim M

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