Good Roger/Bad Roger, Fountain of Youth, Long Live The Who

Tom Fency tomfency at
Tue Aug 10 07:21:15 CDT 2004

How could I argue with you, Pete? If you, rock-legend alive, are saying 
that, of course it's true...
Now serious, despite believing Mark is being too much pure and high-pitched 
in his tentative to preserve all the glorious of a myth, I somehow agree 
with him that it would be the case of Pete has remained solo. Pete on his 
own is great, is jazzy, somehow cool as The Who ain't. Fuck eventual 
commercial flops of some albums, 'cause in tour Pete is always all right, 
with his loyal public.


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>Subject: Good Roger/Bad Roger, Fountain of Youth, Long Live The Who
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> >Tom Fency
> >Good Roger/Bad Roger, Fountain of Youth, Long Live The Who
> >
> >Pete was forced to join the band
>Is such a thing with Pete even possible?  ;-)
> >Pete was content solo, he had his public and he was happy, in his way.
> >profitable, we guess, but happy anyway. But then "The Who" came in like
> >thunder, and the "magic bus" is on the road again. For good and for
>I don't think Pete was very happy with his solo career.
>At A Day in the Garden show, you could see the pain on his face when he
>"joked" about what a commercial flop PsychoD was.
>He knew his solo career was over.
>And, when Roger started pressing for The Who to get going, a side of
>Pete (IMHO) realized that The Who was all he had left if he really
>wanted to be "out there" in the public eye.
>Given John's predicament, it all came together at the right time.
>That and 3 cents gets you a nickel.
>Kevin in VT
>"Cocaine is a terrible drug."
>Rick James
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