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Tue Aug 10 04:32:45 CDT 2004

Best Who performance I have ever seen.  Of course, I didn't see them live for 
the first time until 2001, but this show tops all seven shows I saw in 2002 
and the one Saturday in Mtn View, CA.  Both Pete and Roger were in really 
upbeat and fired-up moods.  A bit less banter overall than two nights ago, but this 
time Roger chimed in a few times where he hardly spoke at all Saturday.  He 
specifically thanked us for helping them deal with John's death since HB was 
the first show after it happened.  I won't run through the setlist with my 
thoughts this time, but rather give some general impressions and relate a few key 

1.  Pete is just on fire right now in all respects.  He has the audience 
wrapped around his finger.  Best description was from a fan walking toward the 
exit after the show: "Man, Townshend is just from another fucking planet."  Pete 
also commented on the changes made to HB (they removed the giant white balls), 
saying that "I no longer feel like I'm playing in a giant vagina.  I guess 
change isn't always for the best."  Huge laughter.

2. This is BY FAR the best Roger has sounded in recent memory.  He was 
extremely strong all evening.  He was hitting the harder notes with far more power 
and clarity than most of the shows I've seen.  It showed in his confidence as 
he attacked the vocals with his old 70s cockiness.  He was as awesome on SMFM 
as he was on ICE.  It was really amazing.  His energy was back and mood turned 
180 degrees from Saturday.  He had a blast.  He was back as the antagonist to 
Pete.  They were back and forth- LOOK AT ME!!!  NO, LOOK AT ME!! etc, etc.  
That was missing Saturday.  The mic was everywhere, he was doing the old Daltrey 
arm swings and leg stomps.  It was a great performance.  I'll bet the encore 
CD bears this out, also.

3. Lots of people singing RGLB (surprised me), and ORW got a raucus reception 
(Roger's vocals were flat amazing here- quite a bit better even than the 
studio version, IMHO).

4. They did something tonight that I've never seen.  They added a WGFA blues 
ending after the extended jam.  I have never heard anything like this on any 
bootleg or other live Who cd.  It was damn cool.  Roger was also holding those 
"eeeeee's" beautifully.  

5. Pete commented on how it's a shame that Pino only plays bass, because his 
name is fun to announce.  He said Pino should be a bass player, juggler, 
escape artist, and more.

6. Roger dedicated TKAA to Eddie Vedder, who was in attendance and just had a 

7. Saw Who babe probably ten different times, each in a different part of the 
bowl.  She was really making the rounds.  Saw her at Pig n' Whistle, also.  
I'll say, she sure is a Who BABE (purrrrrr).  She had "Who kid" with her also.

8. Show ran about 2 hrs, 10 minutes.  Most of the songs were extended quite a 
bit.  Pete also pulled some goofy antics after the encore as he and Roger 
exited.  It was similar to the way he acted in a couple of the clips from the end 
of TKAA (during Long Live Rock).  He went the wrong way at first, then was 
directed in the other direction and did reverse air guitar windmills to point 
the proper direction, then ran ahead of Roger, stopped and backed up with his 
butt sticking out, almost hitting Roger, then high stepped it off stage.  It was 

9. Couldn't hear Pino very well, except for Punk and Godfather (some pretty 
fine runs) and MG.  Heard some really good bass during WGFA also- even 
Entwistle-ish, if you will (style, not skill).  

10. Missed Jo and Sandy at Who-la-la.  I didn't get there until just after 
3pm when The Who Show began playing (enjoyed them quite a bit.  I left right 
after A Quick One, which was VERY good) but didn't recognize them.  I had to go 
because my sister was suffering a bit in that loud room, and she isn't very 
familiar with The Who and isn't a big rock fan to begin with, so I didn't think 
it was right to make her stay.  Were ya'll there from 3pm till 5pm?  I was 
wearing jeans and a British flag shirt with an RAF target on the chest and stood 
near the door (right near Who Babe).

If anything else comes to me, I'll post later.  It's a bit late and I have a 
flight back to Baton Rouge tomorrow.


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