Who's in Theaters

Bruce bkawak at chartertn.net
Mon Aug 9 23:12:56 CDT 2004

> There was a very tedious introduction from
> Murray Lerner which nearly put me to sleep.

Wait to you see the 40m interview he does with Pete.

> Although I had been prepared for the failures of the film, I couldn't help
> coming away very disappointed by the missing material.  No Substitute or
> Naked Eye.  Tommy without Amazing Journey and Sparks!  That is truly
> criminal.

Pete agreed to make Naked Eye exclusive to the IOW movie so they would have
some Who footage to boast about and make you buy their video.

 Also missing were 1921 and Smash the Mirror.  So much for this
> being the "complete Tommy."  And, the places where they jumped around left
> blank gaps of several seconds, making it hard to ignore.
>  The movie really ought to be in its proper sequence.
> Would it have been very difficult to fill in the missing parts and
> them in the correct order?

Yes, they played in the small hours of the last or next to last day.
Cameramen had to sleep at some point, some ran out of film, & some footage
was lost during re-loading film.  They stretched out as much as they could.
Originally the video was going to be about 50m like the Hendrix video that
came out a few years before The Who's.

The decision to put Tommy last was Lerner's he is a film maker he thought
See Me Feel Me was the big powerful ending, not a limp Magic Bus.  It's hard
to disagree.  The band ran out of steam at the end and Pete was having
equipment trouble.  I'd rather it not be out of sequence either but I
understand why and can accept it.  Especially considering nobody in the Who
camp wanted this show to be released at all in any form except Jon Astley
who pushed hard for it.  I'd rather have a butchered up show of them in
their prime on video as opposed to nothing, or say a complete 2002 show. :)


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