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> I'm not sure this is true.  How much shorter are the shows?  Are they
> starting later, or what?   I've been to some shows by younger artists or
> artists sharing a double bill that ran only 45 minutes.  It's true their
> admission price isn't generally $100-$200, but also they're not The Who.

The Who shows are getting shorter.  It started in 2002 and is becoming even
more obvious now.  I may be too critical, but I feel cheated when this

> I agree that the published set list is predictable, but I there seems to
> a lot of variation in the jams.  I was interested to hear bits of what
> be other songs than those Matt listed, which might suggest they're running
> through them for Pino's benefit, or treating us to a medley, or whatever.
> Also, isn't there a noise curfew?  I believe Pete was very pissed in 2000
> because they had to pay a $10,000 fine for the second MSG encore.

I was at the MSG show.  The set was so short Pete called the band back for
the Magic Bus.  Pino has been with the band for over two years and I am sure
could learn more stuff.  As far as the curfew, if they know they should
start the shows earlier.

Still a fun band to see.:-)

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