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L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Aug 9 21:02:00 CDT 2004

>This view may not be popular, but The Who have become a lounge act.  The 
>author stopped short of calling them just that, but they are.  Their shows 
>are getting shorter and shorter (I am surprised that this only gets a 
>cursory mention here) and even more predictable than what we expected.

I'm not sure this is true.  How much shorter are the shows?  Are they 
starting later, or what?   I've been to some shows by younger artists or 
artists sharing a double bill that ran only 45 minutes.  It's true their 
admission price isn't generally $100-$200, but also they're not The Who.

I agree that the published set list is predictable, but I there seems to be 
a lot of variation in the jams.  I was interested to hear bits of what might 
be other songs than those Matt listed, which might suggest they're running 
through them for Pino's benefit, or treating us to a medley, or whatever.  
Also, isn't there a noise curfew?  I believe Pete was very pissed in 2000 
because they had to pay a $10,000 fine for the second MSG encore.


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