San Francisco Chronicle on Shoreline

Neil E. Weissman neilweissman at
Mon Aug 9 20:25:27 CDT 2004

I think the review is right on target.  I was not at the show and thus
cannot comment on the specific performance itself.  But, I can surely agree
with the points the author made about the band.

This view may not be popular, but The Who have become a lounge act.  The
author stopped short of calling them just that, but they are.  Their shows
are getting shorter and shorter (I am surprised that this only gets a
cursory mention here) and even more predictable than what we expected.  They
sprinkle in a few new songs to provide the illusion of creativity.  But,
there really is only a little left.  That is too bad because Pete Townshend
is a creative artist and Roger Daltrey is a great voice for Townshend's

It is an understatement to call this a greatest hits tour.  It is a packaged
greatest hits tour.  I saw the show at MSG back in May and hoped that would
spark some change in set list and get us back to longer shows.  But, it has
not.  Look at how lame the set lists were for all the shows since (except
Isle of Wight).

Look at another thing, even fans are not caring much anymore.  There is very
little chatter about these 2004 shows.  Remember how dynamic this list was
back in 2000?

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