Shoreline - Wow!

Tim Herrlinger tjh at
Mon Aug 9 02:21:41 CDT 2004

Got back from last night's concert at the Shoreline Ampitheatre near San 
Francisco.  What a show!!
Pete was on fire and the crowd seemed to drive him along.  There was mutual 
respect and love that truly went both ways tonight.  Pete was so into the 
songs that he literally got on his knees during "Won't Get Fooled Again" 
and clasped his hands together in prayer.  I've never seen or read about 
that after seeing dozens of Who concerts.  And he didn't just stand while 
in the Birdman pose - he "flew" around as he banked his arms to one side 
and then the other while his guitar was ringing!  Check out Matt's photos 
at Pete's site.
My wife Sue and I were fortunate to have gone to the Sydney and Melbourne 
shows last month, but this Bay Area performance was much tighter (with the 
exception of Substitute), more energetic, and LOUDER!  All the guys played 
and sang exceptionally well.  We've already ordered this show from the 
Encore series and if you're looking for a great CD from this tour, buy this 


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