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re:  Shoreline add a few personal thoughts and observations to the excellent review already posted:  after a bloody hot day in the Bay, it was a perfect night to be outdoors for a concert, stars and all.  Roger and Pete were in exceptional form!  I have been fortunate enough to go to several of the concerts the past few years as the band has traveled California.  Earlier in the year, a dream come true for me, after 40 years of Who fantasies, to be down front at the RAH hall, where, as you know Roger had a cold.  He WAS in top form Saturday, hitting all the notes.  Pete, seems healthier than we have seen him recently...looks like he's been working out, put on muscle weight...thriving, and, as always, sublime.  It is obvious that the gigs they have been doing have not only revitalized him, added a new dimension to the his relationship with Roger, but, also, the love and support showered on him at these concerts have sealed the unbreakable bonds between him and us.

I have been saying for years (and years) that I would pay to go see these guys stand on stage and read from the phone book; I was thrilled, once again, to see all the ages (more kids than ever) there to lap up some of the last honest rock and roll left.  I just can't imagine they're finished...


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