Mc's review of Shoreline 8/7/04 (Long but worth it)

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Mon Aug 9 02:23:43 CDT 2004

A fantastic show and an awesome crowd.  It was absolutely jammed all the way 
to the top of the lawn seats.  A sea of humanity when looking up from the 12th 
row.  I was sitting on Pete's side with a good view of the stage.  Could even 
see Bob Pridden quite well, who was showing off some serious moves from 
behind the sound board.  Zak's drums were set much closer to the front than I'm 
used to seeing, but I actually liked the tighter appearance it gave to the band.  
It made the stage itself seem a bit smaller.  Roger and Pete didn't have 
quite as much room to operate as I'm accustomed to, which may be why Roger didn't 
swing the mic as much as usual.

As for the show, this was the best overall performance from Pete I have 
witnessed live.  What a great mood he was in all night.  He was talkative, funny, 
and was pulling out moves reminiscent of the Shepperton Baba O footage.  Roger 
was subdued, brooding even at times.  Didn't seem pissed, but rather like he 
was at work.  While Pete looked like he was having the time of his life, Roger 
seemed like he was punching time clock for much of the show.  Zak is the 
fucking man.

Same setlist.  Funny moment when Roger sang the first line of Substitute 
wrong ("You think my shoes are made of leather") and didn't realize until midway 
through the second line that he had sung the same line twice.  He laughed his 
ass off and actually was laughing while singing the chorus.  It was a true Who 
moment.  Pete was twisting and turning and shaking and windmilling and jumping 
all throughout.  He was noticeably inspired.  

After AAA they went directly into Baba.  Love the song, but Roger's vocals 
keep bothering me on this one.  No biggie.  Before BBE, Pete thanked the 
audience for coming and made a comment on having come from Hawaii and REALLY enjoyed 
it there.  It was a short interlude as they went quickly to BBE.

Roger sounded very hoarse on the first few lines as he tried to sing them 
softly.  That's a tall order after kicking ass all over the harmonica solo not 90 
seconds before.  Not sure why BBE comes after BOR when Roger is so out of 
breathe.  He got it together on the second verse and the song went well from 
there.  Some interesting Pete soloing here that was atypical for this song, but he 
was doing this all night with every song.

Pete did a prolonged speech here, explaining where they had been on the tour, 
that the tour was in part to support us because we had supported him and the 
band over the past year- clearly alluding to his personal troubles.  He then 
announced RGLB as one of two new songs on their new compilation album (but 
never mentioned "Then and Now"- I love PT).  RGLB was very well-received with a 
number of people singing along.  I was too busy listening to Roger's voice.  He 
struggled a little in a couple of spots, but it was actually pretty good.  
It's a tough song to sing live.  Pete went wild during the little upbeat portion 
in the middle and got the crowd going.  He really brought the song alive from 
there until the end.  He was able to get the crowd off constantly throughout 
the show.  I'll bet concession tanked during the performance b/c everyone 
wanted to see what he'd do next.

GREAT rendition of WAY.  Roger kicked absolute ass, adding a few extra 
screams and remaining VERY strong vocally throughout.  Pete has done better solos 
here, but that's severe nit-picking considering what he did otherwise.  After 
the Whooo-wah part, Zak's kick-in was off with Pete and Pino and it took them a 
few seconds to get it together, but they did, of course.

Quad- Pete introduced Quad as a story about "water, wine and love."  He then 
said, "I really had a great time in Hawaii."  Lots of laughter and applause.  
Pete's acoustic work on Drowned was exceptional, as always.  Crowd kept 
getting off all the way through.  Punk and Godfather was the highlight for me.  I 
love this song and they played it great.  Rog had it going, too, and Pete was 
absolutely all over the place.  LROM was excellent as always.  Hard to hear Ro
ger's screams here, but it wasn't his fault.  I will explain why later.

Eminence Front was as it usually is.  Pete had some fun on lead guitar, left 
out a few lines, and actually added "It's not google, it's not yahoo" between 
"It's a put-on" and "It's an eminence front."  He was on fire throughout.  
Roger forgot to turn his mic stand so he could help with backing vox and he 
couldn't get around it.  He looked at Bob, who shrugged, and they both laughed.

After EF, Pete said something about how much they loved us or whether we 
loved them.  I can't remember exactly.  YBYB was as it always is- a slam dunk for 
Roger.  He still didn't seem to be having as much fun as he should have been 
having, though.  He's human, of course.  Who knows what was on his mind.  He 
sounded great here, however, as he always does.

Pete into'd TKAA with a comment of support for the United States in our 
current struggles and wished us success and future safety.  He then specifically 
said that he was not being in any way political, and that he understood that we 
were split right down the middle and wished us general peace and harmony 
regardless of the outcome (election).  TKAA was really nice AND incendiary.  Pete 
and Zak REALLY got it going both before and after the improved lines.  Pete's 
improv'd lyrics were extended with some peace and world security implications 
along with the usual "nothing wrong with my kids..."  Roger began with his 
usual "I can remember when I was 16..." lyrics he has been using for the past few 
years, but it was really touching when he got to the part about his body being 
broken, his eyes can't see and his ears can't hear, yet "I'm still me."  He 
has used similar lines to this in the past, but somehow I was touched by the 
emotion of them this time in a way I haven't been before.

MG/ORW was incredible.  Pete did an nice extended jam at the end of MG with a 
lot of quiet spots then vicious kick-ins with Zak.  Roger sounded awesome on 
ORW.  Really, really awesome- and the songs was a huge hit after Pete went 
insane on the jam.  People near me were shaking their heads in disbelief at what 
this near-60 yr old was doing.  It also went on and on and no one wanted it to 
stop.  Roger also held the "Let it breeeeeeeeaaaaaaaathe" for a long count in 
a ballsy move that really worked.

WGFA was as it is.  Pete intentionally left out some of the guitar chords 
right after the opening in a humorous move as he mugged for the crowd after doing 
it.  Roger sang it this time more faithfully to the original than he usually 
does, and he seemed to be sticking his "EEE's" to create a voice tone 
reminiscent of the 1970s Roger.  Pete did a nice long end jam and was everywhere on 
stage.  Roger seemed a bit disinterested, as he sort of stood still and watched 
Pete and laid off the mic swinging when Pete got to the big finish.  Maybe he 
was as in awe as the rest of us, but it seemed odd to me.

Encore sizzled.  Roger gave one of his best renditions of PW in a good while. 
 He stuck the notes.

AJ/Sparks- I'm not sure I have words for this.  It was Pete at his finest.  
It defied description.  Sorry, but I just can't do it justice.  Roger again 
sounded good, but energy was off.  He didn't even break one of the tamborines as 
he usually does.

SMFM/LTY- Roger nailed the shit out of it (see the emphasized "EEE's" 
mentioned above).  I even heard the people next to me comment to each other that he 
sounded much better than earlier in the show (and I know they were referring to 
BBE).  Pete solo'd, windmilled, leapt, bounced, ran- it was all there.  He 
even did an end jam with a false ending.  Meanwhile, Roger stood motionless and 
watched.  It was a bit bizare.  He almost always watches while swinging the 
mike as he awaits Pete's big finish.  Here he didn't.

Overall, it was not the best Who show I've ever seen, but it was in the 
ballpark.  It WAS the best single performance from Pete I have witnessed.  He 
actually did a hilarious move where he bounced back and forth on each foot like an 
ape but with his arms flailing above.  And he did it more than once.  I 
laughed my ass off.  He also did a kick ass split jump right in front of the drums 
during the encore- and he was up pretty high for a 59-year-old.  I hope someone 
got a picture of it because it was amazing.  Roger's performance was 
workmanlike- a few struggles early but a real resurgence starting with WAY and the 
Quad songs.  Still, I think something may have been bothering him.  I have seen 
him in much better spirits, while I have never seen Pete in better spirits.  As 
for Pino, I was seated right in front of the giant sub-woofers and Zak's bass 
drum obliterated pretty much all I could hear of bass guitar.  BUT, his MG 
runs were excellent, and I could hear some really good stuff during Punk and GF. 
 It does seem that he's been turned up, but I'll get a better idea tonight 
when I'm in the center.

It's on to the final show of the tour: Hollywood Bowl tonight.  Can't way to 
get some impressions of The Who from my sis.


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