Shoreline review #1

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Sun Aug 8 07:27:49 CDT 2004

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Same set list as Maui. A cool, laid back show by the band tonight. 
for me were Punk And The Godfather, RGLB and Old Red Wine, the latter song 
I have not yet heard on 2004 Encore series CD until this show, not bad at 
Roger performed RGLB with more conviction than what I had last seen on RAH
video clip. It was worth to see Pete up close--on screen, uttering his lines 
"pounding stages like a clown" during Punk And the Godfather. I would had
thought I was watching a rare peformance like However Much I Booze! Classic.
Pete said something to the audience about "throwing millions of dollars" 
Eminence Front. Pete's solo during Love Reign O'er Me was sweet! Cool guitar
howl by Pete in the opening for Who Are You, too. I wish there were more
obscure songs in the setlist, as expected, no new dices to roll. The crew's
coasting thru in the cool summer night, and there's one more show down 
then they're off to home. No guitar crunch tonight, just a bunny hop after

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