Pete as a reluctant spiritual leader

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Sun Aug 8 07:08:14 CDT 2004

>L. Bird pkeets at
>Pete as a reluctant spiritual leader
>>Painters and artists who paint and sculpt about God and such are indeed
>>spiritual leaders.
>Hm.  This may take a bit more thought.  Would Michaelangelo qualify?  I
>mean, didn't he do the Sistine Chapel as a commission?  It's true that his
>work has left a wonderful legacy to spirituality, but would he really
>qualify as a spiritual leader?

Oh please.
I meant any artist who willingly and wantingly paints about religion.
Or, are you implying that Pete only talks about spirituality because he's
specifically being paid to do so?


These artists are perpetuating the story.
Passing it on from generation to generation.
In a way, just as the bible did.
The writers of the bible are indeed teachers and leaders.
What's the difference?
Different medium, that's all.

Kevin in VT

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