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L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 7 23:38:18 CDT 2004

>I'm talking about when Pete began to rework his projects. Tommy was first, 
>and done several times (symphony, movie, play) but then he turned to Quad, 
>and most recently Lifehouse. The Boy Who Heard Music sounds promising, if 
>only because it's not a project from the old days. Even White City and 
>Psychoderelict are extentions of earlier projects.

Are you sure this is "reworking" the material?  I gather that Pete 
visualilzes his work as a multimedia project.  He started this sort of grand 
ambition with Lifehouse, which pretty much floundered under the problems of 
organizing the project.  Still, Pete persists.  Little by little he 
translates the work into new media, and he first announced "The Boy Who 
Heard Music" as a multimedia project, too.  Supposedly he had finished the 
novel before he ever started the album.

Does it have something to do with his notions as an artist?  Or is it a 
matter of reaching a larger audience?

Open for discussion.


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