Good Roger/Bad Roger, Fountain of Youth, Long Live The Who

Jim M NakedI at
Sat Aug 7 21:51:59 CDT 2004

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> But I admire Daltrey for his *own* adjusting, & the re-phrasing he engages
> in to make up for his diminishing range.  Ironically, those vocal
> freshen up the songs.  And most importantly, he doesn't overdo it.

You're right about that.  I found myself singing along to something recently
(I think it was Bargain, but I'm not sure) and I realized I was singing the
"new" version that Roger sings now, and it's very different from the album
version.  You could get all worked up over it, but I agree with's

Now I've got the BBC stream from Cardiff playing and it sounds like Roger
was on very good form that night.  It's late in the show (MG/ORW) and he
still sounds great.  Best I've heard from this year's shows, actually.
That's just how it is, I guess.  I mean, the guy's 60 years old, it's
amazing he can *ever* sing this stuff, let alone every time.  Oh, and I was
looking at some of those diary photo's the other day and it finally hit me
how amazing it is to see Pete jumping around at that age.  Try to picture
any 60 year old you know doing it!

I appreciate the arguments being made for diminishing the legacy by
continuing to use the name The Who.  But, I do believe that is the price
that we pay to continue to see them play at all.  They would never go out
under a different name and play to half as many people, who paid half as
much to get in.  It just wouldn't be worth it to them, well not Pete,
anyway.  You *might* get the occaisonal Pete show.  But, like I've said
before, I still like seeing Pete and Roger play together and I just don't
see that ever happening under any other name.

Jim M

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