To Who or not Who2

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 7 19:42:03 CDT 2004

>There is also the chance -- even likelihood -- that "Who2" would *not* draw 
>as many people.  But if
that's the case, at least the name "The Who" isn't being used to imply 
something it isn't.

I think right here is a very good reason why Roger and Pete won't give up 
The Who name.  Remember what I said about it being a very alpha band, and 
contrary to what Mark says, they're not going to accept that position on the 
second rate club circuit.  Look at how they stepped right back in to about 
where they left off in 1982.  They can't stand to be stuck in smaller venues 
when they could play larger ones--because of that pointy arrow in the logo, 
you know.  ;)


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