Cincinnati show

Scott Schrade schrade at
Sat Aug 7 17:44:21 CDT 2004

> Any opinions on this here?  If you had a chance to buy a cd or video of the 
> Cincinnati show (with $$ going to charity, maybe), how would you vote?

I agree with Bruce.  I can't see anyone wanting to go back & immerse
themselves in that tragedy.  And I'll bet the victims' families aren't
keeping all their ill-feelings centered on the people who ran the concert
venue that day; I'm sure a lot of their anger still rests with The Who,
especially after Pete's mis-interpreted, post-tragedy interview in Rolling

The bootleg has been available for years.  Although, I've never seen a
copy on CD.  The old vinyl version was pretty common at record
shows years ago.

It's an audience recording & you can hear one guy, at one point, telling 
his friend that there are a bunch of police cars outside the venue.  I
haven't listened to the boot recently, so I don't remember his exact 

Then, at the very end of the boot, there's a news snippet of a reporter
talking about the tragedy, apparently on the night it happened.

This, of course, is the questionably-titled STAMPEDE bootleg.  

- SCHRADE in Akron

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