Spiritual Leader, Captain Walker, MSG and The Cure...

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Sat Aug 7 08:47:20 CDT 2004

>Scott Schrade
>Spiritual Leader, Captain Walker, MSG and The Cure...
>But he doesn't, IMO,
>specifically create in order to teach, or to "lead."

Let me first say that I'm uncomfortable with these sorts of "debates",
because they are so subjective, and based on terms that mean different
things to different people.

But, one could argue...and I do...that by willingly writing about his
spiritual journey, and by willingly writing...and let's not forget the
actual presentation of this writing in dramatic fasion to mass
audiences...Pete is sharing his thoughts and ideas.  Is it his hope to
influence us?  Again, debatable.
I think Pete goes out of his way to make the point that he simply sharing
and 'being careful not to preach'.  But, the effect can still be the same.

>He is *not* any kind of
>spiritual leader, just as a painter, or a sculptor, or an architect is not,

Painters and artists who paint and sculpt about God and such are indeed
spiritual leaders.
"There's all sorts of leaders and ranks in the Army, son."

>What we get from Pete is *his* interpretation of life. What we do with that
>interpretation, how much credence we give it, is up to us.

Passive leadership.
Passive teachings.

>Do I  believe Pete creates solely as an effort to "lead, or "teach?"  I do

Nor do I.

>> I'm more of the opinion that Pete is indeed on a life-long spiritual
quest of
>> understanding.
>That may be true, but that makes him equal to us, not above us.

Well, I don't think you have to be above someone to lead or teach.

>He's looking
>for answers just like us.

But, he's been looking allot longer than us, and also more intently and
You don't have anything to learn from a person like that?
His thoughts and words don't teach a person willing to listen and consider?
I think they do.

>He doesn't claim to *have* all the answers, nor
>does he, IMO, expect his fans to fall in line with his way of thinking.

Of course not.
Bless him for that.  I'm immediately distrustful of people who think they
have all the answers, and expect you to follow their way of thinking.

>No, he isn't.  You are following, but he isn't leading.

Hey, a leader can lead, doesn't mean everyone will follow.
And, to be clear, I'm not following Pete.
I've used his words as affirmation for my own feelings and thinking.
But, there have also been songs that made me take a second look at things.

>But, he's not relaying (!) those experiences to convince you to join his

What flock?

>He's driven through artistic desire to express & create.  We aren't his

Again, define "pupils?"
I fear you're looking at all of this in too much of a Tommy way, or cultist
religious way.
I learn from people all day long....in some of the most subtle ways.
It's not all "follow me, I'm a sensation!"

>There ya' go, then!  We "identify" with Pete.

Oh, the ability to identify with a deity is very important.  Why do you
think we are made in God's likeness?
So we can more easily identify with him.  We're not so different!
Ha!  A joke by me, but......true none the less.

>Not as a teacher, or leader.
>But as a fellow human being, going through the same shit we go through.

But a fellow human being who has more experience, and is further down that
road than we are.
Surely there something to learn from him.
When he speaks, I listen.
But, I'm not on my knees with my tongue out waiting to lap up his every
communion thought.

Explain to me why Pete shares all this with us.
Why does he put all his "angst" and insecurities into his "artistic
Why does he write about God, and God's influence on him, and his love for
God, and how he feels God loves him?
Why does/did he go around for the longest of time with a necklace dawning
the picture of Maher Baba?
Because, in a way, he is asking you to follow him on the same path he's on.
Whether you want to follow or not, he doesn't care, I don't think.
But, I bet he likes it when others share the same interest.
I'm sure he would react very positively and genuinely if you wrote him and
expressed an equal love for Baba, and his teachings (babe's).

I'll call what Pete does "passive teaching and spiritual leadership."

>Simpler life?  Eight computers & boats in the Mediterranean?

He has a reality to deal with.
But, any person who cruises on sailboats for extended days on end....seeks
the simpler life.
Not every person is geared to spend days on end in a 30x12 foot area (ok,
for Pete it's probably more like 45x15 foot area.....wish I could actually
see footage of his boat).
It's close quarters, and quite intimate.
And, it's very simple.  And, very spiritual in a get as close to basics and
creation (or the results there of) as you can.
It's away from the "reality" that he has to deal with in order to make a
It is....another world.

>Well, "just by being" isn't teaching.  And it isn't leading.

Sure it is, and you keep listening.  You keep considering his words and
allowing them to effect you emotionally.

>His reasons are more personal & selfish, I'm afraid.  Nothing wrong
>with that - that's how creativity works sometimes.

You can't look at it in black and white like that.
He started out in a band for selfish reasons (like you say, nothing wrong
with that), but his work reflects a desire other than just creating hits and
racking in money.

>That sounds more like a spiritual seeker than a spiritual leader.

A spiritual seeker that is further down that search has plenty to teach and
thus lead.

>No, but it shows he wasn't in any position to lead, or to dictate, or to

Hmmm, how did "dictate" get in there?
And, boozing and partying and not personally having "control" (if you want
to conclude that) of ones own life somehow make a person unable to offer
I don't see it that way.

>Teachers have answers.  Many times, Pete just has questions.  Like us.

No one has all the answers.  And, all Teachers have questions....just like
us.  Take your top Scientist, for example.
Pete has some answers.
Are they your or my answers?

>They <The Cure> were very good.  And according to my knowledgeable,
>friend Curtis, they played a lot of rarities & album tracks, as opposed
to -
>and even I noticed this - many of their hits.

I'm there.....if they are.
Although I'm one of those casual fans that would appreciate the hits.
But, I'd also like some rarities too.

Kevin (will this rain and cool air ever end?) in VT

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