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>The man just has rhythm and a unique
>way of expressing the music and the energy that's excaping
>his body.   I liked watching Moon too, and now Zak has me
>gazing at his expression of energy release.   Magnificent
I haven't had time to go through and read all the posts, so have had to skip 
around, so I apologize if this isn't in the right context....but why should I 
change now right?

Anyway, this part of Joe's paragraph caught my eye because I feel the same 
way, although I would extend it also to the original members.  

I love Rabbit.  I have loved him since 1978.  I have always thought of him as 
the 5th member.  However, I have to lump him in with the newer 
guys......Pino, Simon, even Zak.  I appreciate them so much....but I don't get that original 
Who feeling from them..............yet.

That may change in a few days though.


"God blessed Ronald Wilson Reagan and through President Reagan he also 
blessed America and much of the world. Good night Mr. President and enjoy your 
Heavenly Rewards".

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