Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Sat Aug 7 07:28:58 CDT 2004

Keets wrote:

 > Another possibility is that the powerful, alpha image of the band attracts
fans that want to measure their own alphaness against Pete's.  This is a
strange and mystifying tendency, as they've got the wrong guy.  ;)

 >(Um, let's have a show of hands.  How many fans here did I hit with these
three possibilities? ;)


Hello, my name is Joe and I'm an *alpha image follower*....

Seriously, this whole post hit me on several levels that
had me examine my fandom beyond the words and music.  It's
the reason I attend concerts and want to watch video of the
band.   I really like the way Pete moves, and I'm married
and have 2 children.   The man just has rhythm and a unique
way of expressing the music and the energy that's excaping
his body.   I liked watching Moon too, and now Zak has me
gazing at his expression of energy release.   Magnificent!

But getting back to your post about identifying closely
with the band and their success; I could really give a Monkey's
(see that Scott) if they don't perform to perfection.  The
fuck-ups are fun, and the fact that they keep on trying and
put themselves out there to keep the music going and to make
a living at what they do best is rush too!

When I wear a Who t-shirt, it's not some suppressed boyhood
fantasy to be *Who-man* or some kind of super-hero, it is
a tip of the hat to music, the members and the phenomenon of
The Who!

 > He doesn't have any tool to investigate other than his own life.  I agree
that this type of investigation might be unnecessary as a key to
transcendence.  Remembering the curious and entrancing alterations around
TKAA from 2000, I suspect Pete only needs a crowd.

God, remember those?  Until you phrased them as *entrancing alterations* I
actually thought we'd get that again on this tour.   TKAA has been absent, and
so have those wonderful little nuggets of Pete's improvisation.    I'd 
still like to
get a collection of just those.   I don't think we'll ever see or hear that 
again... :-(

Joe in Philly 

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