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Sat Aug 7 01:18:20 CDT 2004

There was an interesting response on WhoAreYou to the article about 
Cincinnati lifting the ban on festival seating.  There was a discussion on 
WhoChat Forum about whether The Who ought to release the Cincinnati show, 
but no one there had actually been at the show.  Here's the response by 
someone who was actually there.

Any opinions on this here?  If you had a chance to buy a cd or video of the 
Cincinnati show (with $$ going to charity, maybe), how would you vote?


--- In WhoAreYou at
>I would be in favor of releasing any film of the 12/3/79 concert.  I don't 
>think it would be disrepectful of the victims or thier family and friends.

>--- In WhoAreYou at
> > Cincy, somebody on another list was saying they thought The Who ought to 
>release all the old shows they had in the archives, including the
> > Cincinnati show.  What would you think of that?  > > > --- In 
>WhoAreYou at
> > > Well as resident of Cincinnati and someone who not only was at the  
>12/3/79 concert and knew someone indirectly that was killed, I don't see a 
>reason to continue with the ban.  The deaths were the result of the 
>mismanagement of Riverfront Coliseum and not the fans or the > > band.  So 
>I say lift the ban on festival seating.  As long as there > > is proper 
>crowd control and management of the venue.  I see no > > reason to ban it

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