Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 7 00:57:47 CDT 2004

>>If you shift world views into the supernatural, then yes, Pete is a wizard
>(priest, holy man, guru, shaman) that heals our spirits and sends us safe 
>and comforted on our way.

>If so, then he "heals" by showing us his own fallacies & failings, 
us that he's *one* of us.  He channels, focuses, helps expel....whatever....
our feelings & emotions.  He doesn't claim to be wiser or more spiritually
knowledgeable than a spiritual leader would, correct?

Hmmm.  Is this a characteristic of a spiritual leader?  Do they all claim to 
be wiser than the common man?  Or do we assume it?

>A large part of Pete's career has been that dichotomy of *wanting* to lead....but knowing he's sometimes as lost & confused as we

Worse.  It's possible he's been driven by the need to investigate the dark 
underbelly of society in order to report back to us what it's like.  Would 
this be a form of leadership or of reflecting where Pete turns into our 

>What he may fail to realize is that we don't *need* him to constantly
write about himself in order to get some kind of spiritual/beneficial nugget
of knowledge to help us through our day & make his art transcendent.

He doesn't have any tool to investigate other than his own life.  I agree 
that this type of investigation might be unnecessary as a key to 
transcendence.  Remembering the curious and entrancing alterations around 
TKAA from 2000, I suspect Pete only needs a crowd.

>Even when Pete was writing about completely *fictionalized* characters,
enough of himself was permeating the art, easily enabling us to glean those
bits of knowledge, wisdom, & opinion.

Well, they might have been fictionalized, but it was obvious they were about 
Pete, too, e.g. Tommy, Quadrophenia.   It's just hard to figure in these 
pieces where the fiction leaves off and Pete begins.  But how are we to know 
that his later songs aren't heavily fictionalized, too?  Certainly the 
events in Psychoderelict weren't especially true (not until years later, 

Are you saying that the most recent two songs are too obviously in Pete's 


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