Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 7 00:33:00 CDT 2004

>>So you think the behavior of his bandmates were a source of some of his
>discomfort in the early years?

>Whoa!  Pete was right there in the thick of things!  Partying it up with 
>the rest
of them.  By all accounts, he & Moonie were the worst offenders.  If any-
thing, Pete should've been influenced by the proper behavior of Daltrey!

But that's no fun.  Obviously Pete was a party animal.  But then, did he 
respect himself in the morning?  ;)

Remember I said that Pete identified with Moon?  There are times when Roger 
sucks him in, too.    This mercurial quality is part of Pete's talent, and 
later he will write about the experience of being another person.

>>Do you suppose he's listening to these live recordings like we are, trying
>to feel what's there?

>I doubt it.  He keeps remarking how "easy" it is to play live these days, &
how f-ing great he is at it.  Playing live isn't any kind of a challenge for 
these days which would make him want to examine what he's doing & giving
it much thought.

Zen.  Action without thought.  For once he's stepped away from the mirror.   


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