Pete as a reluctant spiritual leader

L. Bird pkeets at
Sat Aug 7 00:25:48 CDT 2004

>We must remember the lesson in TOMMY.  Tommy turned out *not* to be
a spiritual leader.  The masses rejected him.  He was left alone at the end.
Whether via hubris or the corrupting effects of his parents, Tommy failed.

But this isn't the lesson.  It's only what Pete predicts will happen, 
because Tommy is a fake.  He's been mistaken for a messiah and he sort of 
got into it for a while, but after all he's only a deaf, dumb and blind boy 
feeling his way along.  What do you make of the ending?

>>But did Pete know this?  All through the seventies, he's feeling like a 
>becauses he sings about personal enlightenment, but can't even achieve a 
>bit of it for himself.

>Right.  So, how is this spiritual leadership?  If anything, it makes him a 
>common hypocrite.

It's not spiritual leadership or hypocracy, either, as I see it.  It's Pete 
struggling with his role of unwilling messiah.  Just because he sings about 
a desire for enlightenment doesn't mean he can either achieve it or show the 
way for anyone else to achieve it.

I don't see that he's promised anybody that he either would or could save 
them.  It's just that you catch a glimpse of salvation in his words, so you 
assume he is in control of it.  In reality, though, Pete is only channeling 
Truth and Light.  He's not the source.  If pressed, he won't be able to tell 
you where, exactly, that he got it.  He just looked out at you and it was 


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