Pete as reluctant spiritual leader

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Aug 6 22:34:06 CDT 2004

>I think Pete fiddle a little with a thing much greater than his ability to 
>deal with. He became a channel to messages from beyond that are calling 
>people to wake, to grow and assume the responsibilities for the good of the 
>world. <snip> Pete dived in alcohol, drugs and the selfish life of a 
>rock-star. Poor little boy.... but the door (spiritual/magical) was opened 
>already, and that was what matters to the collective conscious.

And Pete tried for years to shove that door shut again?  Heh.  I have a 
vision of him with his back to the door, arms spread wide to block it off, 
while bright rays of Light escape from all around it.  :)

Otherwise, I'm not sure "from beyond" is how I would describe it.  That 
implies some place or presence that's distant and separate is sending the 
messages, but I think they're from the here and now, and that the Way and 
the Light come from within us.   Pete has to interact with people in order 
to hear the collective consciousness whisper in his ear.   He seems to get 
stale and limited as he withdraws from his audience.

Do you think Pete's indulgence in drugs, alcohol and the rock and roll 
lifestyle were an effort to close the door?  If so, that didn't seem to 
work.  Quadrophenia leaked out, and then Who By Number and Who Are You.  Or 
do you suppose it was a result of his feelings of fakery or being on the 
wrong Path?


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